ASUS Vs MSI Motherboards Comparison 2021

When buying a motherboard, you will look for the best motherboard in the market whether you select ASUS vs MSI Motherboard. The market is filled with all kinds of motherboards. Several companies are producing the motherboards, and the companies also have varieties of motherboards.

This means that there are many motherboards out there, and to find the best board for your requirements, you will need to have a lot of motherboards compared. They are differences in motherboards from different companies. Even the motherboards made by the same company are other.

To reduce the search volume to a minimum, we will compare the two of the biggest companies out there in the market who make motherboards. The two of the top companies are ASUS and MSI. ASUS MSI the two names that you will hear most when buying a motherboard. Both companies make great boards, and you might have also seen people comparing ASUS vs MSI. People like a lot to get both of these motherboards compared.

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We have discussed both brands separately, and we have seen that both brands are big names in the motherboard business. MSI vs ASUS motherboard has always been a great debate. We are just taking it a step forward, and let us check them individually first.

Msi vs Asus Motherboard

MSI Motherboard Comparison

MSI is not just a company that only produces motherboards. The company has all kinds of products out there. It started with a company that focused on the motherboard and Graphic cards, but now it produces all sorts of products. It makes motherboards, graphic cards, laptops, mobiles, IPCs servers, and many different products.

In the motherboard category, the MSI has a huge range of motherboards. The MSI motherboard is available at prices for all kinds of users. MSI produces high-end motherboards and also motherboards for regular use.

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Produces motherboards for both AMD and Intel processors. MSI promises quality and durability. People often tend to ask is MSI a good motherboard brand. The answer is yes, it is one of the best motherboard brands, and you won’t regret buying an MSI motherboard.

Msi motherboards are of high quality and also have a great design. The MSI motherboards support RGB lights to make them look even more extraordinary. In a dark room, an RGB installed computer looks incredible, and with an MSI motherboard, you can do it.

ASUS Motherboard Comparison

ASUS, as they say, is a company that is driven by innovation. It makes motherboards for all kinds of its user. It makes high-end motherboards and also motherboards that can be used by a regular user.

Asus has motherboards for all the price ranges. ASUS motherboards for gaming are the most demanded motherboards by ASUS. Gamers love ASUS gaming motherboards.

Along with motherboards, ASUS also produces some other products like Notebooks, laptops, mobiles, monitors, servers, and other tech products. You name it, and you will find that product in the ASUS brand.

It is a producer for all those products it made its name in the field of motherboards. It is the world’s best motherboard manufacturer and sells the most number of motherboards in the market.

ASUS is a great motherboard manufacturer, but its motherboards are quite expensive. The quality product is often costly. The ASUS motherboard with RGB support is expensive. RGB gives your computer a fabulous look, and most gamers love such PCs.

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The boards made by ASUS are high performing motherboard. They have a meaty VRM that can be a great help in better performance. It is one of the best quality motherboard brands out there, and you will love its products.

Motherboard Performance

Asus vs Msi Motherboard Software

A little time back, the software of motherboards was not essential, but with the passage of time and innovation in the motherboard field, the software is now one of the motherboards’ necessary parts. The motherboards’ hardware and software are now interconnected, and you can control the motherboard with the software.

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ASUS and MSI have different software and can be used to control the motherboard. MSI motherboard has a software solution, but they don’t own the board like the ASUS software. The MSI motherboard software is good but not good enough.

ASUS motherboard software is the best out there. ASUS motherboard solutions give you full control over the motherboard, and using them is also easy and doesn’t require an expert or pro to control it.

Msi vs Asus Motherboard Performance

In the field of performance, the ASUS motherboards have a higher spot. MSI vs. ASUS motherboards in performance, ASUS motherboard would win the overall competition. The ASUS motherboard has supreme quality VRM that provides stable current to the processor and enhances the processor’s performance.

Suppose you compare the board of both brands MSI vs ASUS motherboard, one by one. MSI might win some rounds, but in the overall comparison of both boards, ASUS will always reign supreme.

motherboard compared

ASUS motherboard performance is also ranked better because the ASUS motherboard’s overclocking is more stable and better than an MSI motherboard. It is also thanks to the better performing VRM that stabilizes the current while overclocking.

ASUS motherboards comparison being made to any motherboard brand ASUS would always win due to its supreme quality VRM. SO the ASUS motherboards take the lead in this round too.

Asus vs Msi Motherboard Warranty

The last and the final round to test the MSI motherboard vs ASUS is the Warranty round. Buying any product, a warranty is the most important thing to be considered by the buyer. The warranty ensures the period something will last.

MSI motherboard warranty is very low. They provide an almost 1-year warranty for even their best and most expensive motherboard. While buying something expensive, the users will always look for a warranty because a warranty can give some safety to the money being utilized. 1-year warranty for an expensive motherboard is very low and can disappoint users.

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Compared to the MSI motherboard, the warranty provided by ASUS motherboards is sufficient. ASUS motherboard warranty is a minimum of 3 years for any standard motherboard, and for the high-end motherboard, the brand offers a deposit of up to 2 years. This is even more than double compared to the warranty provided by MSI.


Suppose you are still wondering about MSI or ASUS motherboard. In that case, we think you have not read our article entirely because the ASUS motherboard has completely whitewashed the MSI brand in MSI motherboards vs ASUS.

ASUS has been the leader in all three rounds and has beaten the MSI thoroughly. This doesn’t mean that MSI is not a good brand. Like we said at the start, one will be the winner, and the second will be the runner-up. Because the MSI is the second-best motherboard out there, and if you don’t believe us, compare it with any brand, and you will find out yourself.

The difference in motherboards was huge. Both brands are the best, but ASUS took the lead after all. ASUS beat the competitor in all three rounds. So, we can conclude that ASUS is the best motherboard brand of all time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MSI a good brand?

After reading the MSI vs ASUS, people get confused and ask if the MSI is a good brand. Yes, MSI is a good brand is not the best because that spot belongs to ASUS, but MSI is the second-best motherboard in the market. MSI’s motherboards are high in demand because these boards’ price is often lower compared to its competitor.

Are MSI motherboards good?

They are the best. MSI motherboard is high-quality motherboards, and if you are a person whose budget is low, then the MSI is the best brand for you. MSI motherboards are second to the ASUS motherboards, but the thing that makes them popular is their price. Being one of the best brands in the market, the price for MSI motherboards is relatively low. This makes them an excellent choice for the user whose budget is low. So, yes, MSI motherboard is a good motherboard, and they provide the best user experience.

Are ASUS motherboards good?

ASUS motherboards are not just only fair; they are the best. ASUS is the best brand of motherboards out there with its top-quality performance, software, and the best warranty offer. Always considered the top motherboard brand.

ASUS motherboards are a little expensive, but the quality always comes with some price. Not only with MSI, if you compare ASUS with any motherboard brand, but it will also always come on top. If you do a Gigabyte vs ASUS motherboards, ASUS will be the winner because it’s the best.

Who is MSI?

Micro-Star International Co is an international IT corporation. It makes products related to IT. The company produces motherboards, graphic cards, monitors, laptops, servers, and several different IT products.

The brand started as a motherboard and graphic card manufacturer, and then with time, it started manufacturing other products. Today it is the motherboard market’s biggest name and is called one of the best motherboard manufacturers.