5 Best 80 Plus Gold Power Supply In 2021 [Honest Review]

Power supply units are one of the most important pieces of hardware that any PC Gamer looking to build their gaming rig should concert carefully with a strong enough power supply to do separate graphics and processing your computer may not even turn on.

The amount of power that you need will vary depending on how strong your other pieces of hardware are but in general it’s good to have a powerful one in case you plan on upgrading at some point there are several great PSUs out there but choosing between them can be a challenge so to help you find the best power supply of your needs we have come with five fists 80 plus gold rated power supplies for your next desktop built.

If you are in 1 hurry then you should buy the Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 RGB power supply which is the best 80 plus gold certified power supply available on the market.

Best 80 Plus Gold Power Supply

1. Thermaltake Toughpower GF1


  • [2-Way RGB control] – Control light via “color” “Mode” Button (7 light modes/8 Colors) or via 5V ARGB Sync motherboard
  • [15 light modes via color mode button] – Wave/ spiral/ flow/ heartbeat/ ripple/ full lighted (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white)/ spectrum mode/ light off
  • [Sync with motherboard RGB software] – controlling lights with as US aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB FUSION, MSI Mystic Light Sync and ASROCK polychrome through motherboards that have a 5V addressable RGB header
  • [Ring Duo 140mm fan] – 16. 8 million color 18 addressable LEDs Dual lighting Zones self-lubricated hydraulic Bearing pwn fan for maximizing airflow while minimizing noise
  • [Ultra quiet smart zero fan] – fan works only when PSU working load goes over 40%. a switch At the back of the PSU can be turned off to have the fan spun constantly
  • [Zero cable platform] – daughterboards are directly soldered to the Motherboard for better heat dissipation and impressive output power quality
  • [Japanese capacitors] – 100% High quality 105°C (221°F) Japanese capacitors offer the highest stability, durability, and reliability


  • Brand Thermaltake
  • Connector Type 6_plus_2_pin_pci_e
  • Output Wattage 850
  • Form Factor ATX
  • Wattage 850 watts
  • Cooling Method Air
  • Power Supply Design Full Modular
  • Item Dimensions 12.7 x 9.2 x 6.3 inches
  • Item Weight 7.3 Pounds
  • Current Rating 12 Amps

Thermaltake Tough Power GF1 argb is crafted by using cutting-edge technology and materials to become the fusion of aesthetics and performance. This amazing power supply comes with built-in ring to a 14 RGB fan that features dual rings with 18 addressable LEDs with great light coverage and uniform color and brightness to paint your build with sixteen point eight million colors.

With smart zero fans starting to operate when the power supply working load goes over 40% the omni’s art noise will be minimized a user-friendly switch is set on the back of the panel. For those who preferred the fan to spin constantly this powerful power supply comes with high quality 105 degree Celsius Japanese capacitors to help improve the durability and offer impressive stability and powerful single.

Plus 12 volt rail helps ensures a stable and reliable supply to other PC components the GF1 on a Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 is available from 650 watts all the way up to 850 watts according to needs. The Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 offers cable selection for users while powering.

The system at an advantageous voltage the low-profile flat black cables make cable management easier with this clutter and increased airflow inside the chassis. With the most stable but silent operation the tough power GF1 on a RGB gold needs and even exceeds the demanding specification of the overclocker or enthusiast pc user.

2. Corsair RM850x


  • 80 Plus Gold certified for lower power consumption, less noise and cooler temperatures
  • For maximum cooling surface area and performance
  • Zero RPM fan mode for near silent operation at low to medium loads; Continuous output rated temperature: 50°C
  • 100 percent industrial grade, 105°C rated Japanese capacitors ensure unwavering power and reliability
  • Fully modular cables, so you only connect the cables your system needs. Fan size-5.3 inches. iCUE Compatibility-No. Modern Standby Compatible- No


  • Series RMx
  • Brand Corsair
  • Output Wattage 850
  • Wattage 850 watts
  • Power Supply Design Full Modular
  • Item Dimensions 6.3 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches
  • Item Weight 3.66 Pounds

Corsair RM850x is fully modular power supply are built with the highest quality components to deliver 80 plus gold fusion power to your PC with virtually silent operation. Corsair RM850x power supply is tuned with a low noise fan curve to ensure that even at full load noise. A fan is kept to a minimum level featuring 100%.

All Japanese 105 degree capacitors this power supply delivers unwavering power and long-term reliability. You’ve come to expect from the corsair power supply this powerful power supply has 80 plus gold efficiency that reduces operating cost and excess heat and zero rpm fan mode.

That ensures virtual silence at low and medium loads our Corsair RM850x is counted fully modular DC cables that make bills and upgrades easy with clean great-looking resins. Low profile flat cable design gives us air friction and helps maximize airflow through your computer’s chassis.

This power supply is also available in 500 to 1000 watt configurations according to your needs and backed by a 10-year warranty. This power supply comes with a 24 pin ATX 6 + 2 pc le + 4 + 4 CPU for connectivity and a 160 millimeter long casing. Ensure an easy feed in almost all modern enthusiast PC cases the our mixer start supply will give you gold liberal efficiency for lower cost while delivering excellent performance.

3. Seasonic FOCUS Plus 650 Gold SSR-650FX


  • Compact size – 140 mm deep; High power output to size ratio
  • Full modular; use only the cables you need to reduce clutter and improve airflow for a better ventilated system
  • 80 Plus Gold; 87% efficient at 20% load, 90% efficient at 50% load, and 87% efficient at 100% load
  • Hybrid silent fan control; The industry’s first, Seasonic patented, advanced three-phased thermal control achieves optimal between silence and cooling. This Hybrid Silent Fan Control functions in three operational stages: Fanless Mode, Silent Mode, and Cooling Mode
  • 10 year warranty; Our commitment to superior quality


  • Brand Seasonic
  • Output Wattage 650 Watts
  • Form Factor ATX12V
  • Wattage 650
  • Cooling Method Air
  • Power Supply Design Full Modular
  • Item Dimensions 7.28 x 12.44 x 4.69 inches
  • Item Weight 1.5 Kilograms
  • Fan Size 120 Millimeters

Seasonic account with its new Seasonic FOCUS Plus 650 Gold SSR-650FX which implements modern design and shows outstanding electrical performance. This power supply is small and entirely modular which will be hard to resist the focus plus Gold Series achievers 80 plus gold certifications with 90% efficiency at 50% system load.

This power supply features cable free connection design means the back panel and the PCB are connected by a copper plate, that not only lowers the chance of production errors during metal insertion but it also improves the output power quality. The Seasonic FOCUS Plus 650 Gold SSR-650FX comes with high performance for dynamic bearing fans.

That are designed to take advantage of the impact absorbance effects of oil they are extremely reliable and generate considerably less operating noise and heat than ball bearing fans it has advanced three-phase thermal control that achieves optimal between solids and cooling.

The hybrid silent fan control functions in three operational stages that reduce noise without an increase in temperature extended fan life due to the reduced number of fan attractions and optimized heat dissipation at all times.

Additionally there is switch at the back of the power supply which allows users to customize their cooling needs by selecting between the seasoning is 2 FC and the s3 has two modes the focused + Gold Series are available up to 1,000 watt, configurations according to your needs and also backed by a 10-year warranty with super compact dimensions. Fully modular design and a selected semi past the operation the seasonique focus + Gold Series is great choice for your ring.

4. NZXT C750 NP-C750M


  • 80+ GOLD CERTIFIED: Reliable power while ensuring optimal efficiency and quieter performance
  • SILENT OPERATION: A push of a button enables Zero RPM Fan mode, silencing the fan under low-load conditions.
  • ALL THE ESSENTIALS: Fits any case conforming to the ATX standard with the C650 and C750 support NVIDIA GPUs up to 2080ti and AMD GPUs up to Radeon VII while the C850 can support multi-GPU configurations
  • BUILT FOR BUILDERS: modular design lets you use only the cables you need, ensuring easier installation, and less clutter
  • SLEEVED CABLES: The sleeved main cables look great and resist heat damage as well as fraying, delivering greater durability and longevity


  • Brand NZXT
  • Output Wattage 750
  • Form Factor ATX
  • Wattage 750 watts
  • Cooling Method Air
  • Item Dimensions 5.9 x 3.39 x 6.3 inches
  • Item Weight 4 Pounds

the new NZXT C750 NP-C750M ATX power supply from NZXT feature digital voltage and temperature monitoring for precise with real-time information about your PSU. All 80 plus gold certified easier SPS use are built using Japanese capacitors rated to 105 degree celsius providing long-term durability and reliability.

The easiest PSU supports single GPU or multi-gpu builds and having a fully modular design means you use just the connections you need for a built reduce in cable clutter and simplifying system building and expansion while powering loads under 100 watt.

Total the zero decimal mode provides a full silent operation and using camp software you can optimize your fan card to suit your system or choose between the silent Perth Mint or fixed preset modes the e-series uses a powerful digital signal processor providing real-time wattage indicators for the three 12-volt rails along with total uptime and internal temperature.

Compare CPU and GPU part draw to the rated TDP and track historical data using camp software in addition to providing high-precision monitoring the unworthiest lakes renewable independent overcome protection for the 12 volt output to the motherboard.

CPU and GPU providing even better protection for expensive components the easiest pieces are available in 500 watt 650 watt and 82 what configurations and backed by a 10 year warranty the NZXT series power supply will deliver both peace of mind and clean reliable power to your gaming system.

5. FSP Hydro G PRO 850W


  • Kit Guru’s Worth Buying Award | Complies with newest ATX12V V2. 52 & UL# 62368
  • Intelligent fan speed control circuit design with 0dBA function
  • Advanced full modular design with ribbon cables
  • 80 plus Gold certification | Full Japanese electrolytic capacitors


  • Brand FSP
  • Output Wattage 850 Watts
  • Form Factor ATX12V
  • Wattage 850 watts
  • Power Supply Design Full Modular
  • Item Dimensions 5.91 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches

FSP Hydro G PRO 850W is an IE ce certified psu that has been greatly improved in its safety design as well as a more compact dimension without compromising its efficiency. The FSP Hydro G PRO 850W is a power supply with 80-plus Gold certification that guarantees to operate at a minimum of 90% efficiency at 50% of PSU rated power and reduces electricity cost.

This amazing power supply it comes with an MTB fan and intelligent zero decibel function to reduce noise and features a longer lasting life complies with Intel ATX 12 volt version 2.5 – power supply design to make sure the peak of power in 12 will support the latest Intel or aimed platforms. And delivers full power to your PC system.

It is available from 650 watt to 1000 watt with dual power connectors that provide stable and pick output to your new rake this part supply features fully modular design that simplifies installation and allows you to use. Only one cable you need for a neater and cleaner build.

And it is also covered with a protective coating to guarantee reliable performance in harsh environment it also features extremely tight voltage regulation that guarantees output voltage regulation under plus minus 1% at any law changes. Which offers high output efficiency and voltage stability the FSB delivers a reliable PSC option in the FSP Hydro G PRO 850W offering reliable performance protection and everything you would need for a gaming or ROI station rake.

What Is 80 Plus Gold Certified Power Supply

Almost every power supply box that says 80 plus and then has some kind of a precious metal attached to it. We’re going to tell you what you need to know about 80 plus as fast as possible. The original 80 plus was really simple 80 plus logo goes here the power supply at 20 percent of its maximum load 50 percent of its maximum load.

And a hundred percent of its maximum load had to be at least 80 percent efficient converting power from AC wall power to the DC power, that your computer uses after a while it got to the point where it was becoming easier and cheaper to build power supplies that were 80 plus efficient. Which is great, I mean power was being saved money was being saved trees are being saved there’s.

All good things but consumers were looking for ways to continue to differentiate even more efficient power supplies so over 2008 and 2009 80 plus bronze silver gold and platinum. Were all introduced now some of these particularly 80 plus platinum is almost more like a 90 plus certification, because it requires 90 percent 92 percent and 89 percent efficiency at 20 percent 50 percent 100 percent loads.

But the branding of 80 plus remains power supplies that are extremely efficient but for example have large voltage drops under load or exhibit a lot of ripple can cause long-term damage to your components. Even though they might be quite efficient with that said most 80 plus gold and platinum power supplies these days.

Do tend to also be very well built inside it just should be noted that you’ve got to watch out for those other things as well. And it’s important to still read reviews for power supplies for those of you who were paying really close attention before there’s no 80-plus requirement for efficiency under 20% load. So that’s why it’s important to buy a power supply that is appropriate for your system

If you have a mid-range gaming rig that only draws 80 to 100 watts from the wall at idle buying a 1200 watt power supply for it is inappropriate because that’s less than 10 percent of the overall power supplies capacity. That means this 80 plus Platinum power supply could be 90% efficient at 20% load but it could drop all the way down to 70% efficient at a five percent load.

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