Best Motherboard For i9 9900k in 2021-Review FAQs and Buying guide

If you are a motherboard lover and try to find the best motherboard for i9 9900k, you are on the right plate. So these fantastic reviews help you to buy the 9900k motherboards.

Quick Overview: Top 7 Best Motherboard For i9 9900k 

However, you’re finally thinking of buying the best motherboard for 9900k, and you want to know what the best 9th gen motherboard is? If you have done any research on the motherboard, you will know that there are few motherboards, so it is challenging to decide.

I can’t tell you what the perfect motherboard is. Nothing is perfect here. But I can help you say which are the best for different purposes, and then you can decide the one that meets your needs.

Different motherboards are designed to perform specific tasks. Not every motherboard works with every processor or type of memory; each is intended for a particular kind of processor and memory.

After all, I would like to remind you that you read this review. All the motherboards for i9 9900k fit some roles very well, but some of them fill more needs than others, while others have particularly taken for particular tasks.

Core i9 9900k is one of the most impressive processors released by the company. Moreover, It also completes the needs of all gaming processing. The CPU comes with eight cores and sixteen threads, enough to meet any professional task’s markets these days. It has a core clock of 3.9 GHz, which is good enough, and you can take it up to 5 GHz motherboard.

I can’t tell you what your choice is! But I can list for you which motherboard do what well.

1. Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero Wi-Fi-Best Motherboard for I9 9900k

best motherboard for i9 9900k

Asus has just released its Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero WIFI motherboard, users who are looking for something beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, robust, and featured packed.

Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero Wi-Fi is an ATX motherboard 30.5 centimeters long and 24.4 centimeters wide. It is powered by LGA 1151 CPU socket, which can support both the 8th and 9th generation processors. It is one of the best motherboards for i9 9900k.

VRMS is beefier than previous generations and can output at least double the wattage that the 10th series could.


We have larger, thicker, and bigger heat sinks. Memory wise we have the usual dual channel, which can support up to 64 Gigabytes of DDR4 ram, which overclockable up to 4400MHz.


We also have dual M.2 solid-state drive configurations. It is OPTANE ready, meaning that both of our M.2 solid-state drivers can swap data up to 32 gigabits per second each. Both solid-state drives equipped with heat shields are also equipped with thermal pads.


For all of the storage needs, there are six SATA 3 ports, which also operate in 0, 1, 5 & 10. There are two M.2 slots here. The top one supports satyr and PCI based modules. Whereas the second one supports only supports PCI Express 3.0 x4 modules, it is also obtained readily.


There is a CMOS button. USB BIOS flashback button. A ps2 mouse keyboard combo port. Two USB 2.0 ports. A display and an HDMI port. LAN port featuring 9-volt Gigabit LAN. Three USB of 3.1 gen2 type and a gen2 type c port. Two antennas for WIFI, which features wireless AC 95/60 dual-band with Bluetooth 5.0 for audio needs, there are five audio jack ports.

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Fan headers

I want to talk about fan headers and other connectors. There is a single USB 3.1 of Gen1. Two USB 2.0 ports. A USB 3.1 Gen2 front panel header connector, a TPM connector’s eight fan connectors. A CPU optional header and then six additional headers for chassis fans. Three of which also double as water pump headers.

There is also an external fan header, some temperature, water flow sensors, the usual reset and start buttons, memo K, and a Zeus retry button. The retry button allows you to hard reset your system without losing your bios settings.


However, we have 200 RGB strips hidden right under the chipset heat shield’s eye and under the eye roof. If you want to add different RGB strips, we have 2 RGB connectors and 2 RGB addressable connectors on the Asus Rog XI Hero motherboard.

2. Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi– Best High-performance motherboard

Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi

Suppose you are on a budget and might not willing to invest in the biggest motherboard. You can get Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi, which has high performance with little expense. It is one of the best i9 motherboards.


Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi is powered by usually LGA 1151 CPU sockets, supporting both the 8th and 9th generation Intel core processor.


Z390 aorus pro-Wi-Fi also supports Dual-channel DDR4, 4 DIMMs slots with ultra-durable memory slots which can help overclock up to 4266 MHz

This motherboard uses a 12+1 phase digital VRM solution with DrMOS, which brings us the advantage of delivering a rock-solid voltage to the most demanding CPU.

Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi also contains 8+4 solid pin CPU power connectors. They deliver power to the motherboard, allowing sensitive components to get maximum performance from Intel core processors.

Heat sinks

However, this motherboard includes a screw-mounted multi cuts heat sink that optimizes thermal efficiency. A thick pad provides additional cooling for overclocking.

Motherboard for 9900k includes specially designed, screw-mounted heat sinks with multiple cuts that optimize thermal efficiency. There is also an excellent pipe to transport the hot air from one side to the other. Thermal guards also help to dissipate heat quickly to avoid speed throttling.


Gigabyte provides a thermal M.2 solution for SSD devices. The M.2 Thermal Guard prevents throttling and bottlenecks from high-speed SSDs. M.2 also helps in heat dissipation before it becomes an issue.

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Four 2nd generation USB plugs with 480 megabits transfer rate of 33.1. The first-generation USB plugs with a 5-gigabit transfer rate of 33.1. 2nd- generation USB plugs, including at type c rated at 10-gigabit transfer rate. Have an HDMI 1.4 for our integrated graphics.

802.11 Wi-Fi adapter with a transfer rate of 1.73 gigabits per second. Bluetooth 5 is installed for a faster transfer rate and increases the 4X range of Bluetooth.


Gigabyte RGB fusion 2.0 allows users to control onboard RGB lights for their pc. With fusion 2.0, you can install addressable lighting strips and up to 350 LED lights. I love this board because it offers the most RGB features.

3. Gigabyte z390 Designare-Best Mobo for 9900k

i9 9900k motherboard review

Gigabyte z390 Designare arrives with some of those typical attributes you did not expect and receive on most boards in this category. It also steps into the content creator domain by adding features that will appeal to this group of users. CPU attached SSDs for greater bandwidth. Has the display port 1.4 in it is going to work with the thunderbolt pass route. Thunderbolt 3 controller is an element that is absent in most of the boards.

Gigabyte z390 Designare is an ATX board so that it can fit inside most mid towers. z390 Designare board is intended for professional use. The board itself has a matte black PCB with black and silver features for the heat sinks, ports, and lanes.


Designare is an Intel z390 board, and so naturally, we are dealing with socket 1151. It is primarily designed for Intel ninth-generation processors such as the i9 9900k.

Designare is a 12 + 1 phase digital VRM configuration. By using two large heat sinks to cover this area, those heat sinks have a direct touch. There is also a feature heat sink that is usually thicker than standard thermal pads.

We also stressed the system with five gigabits over the clock applied for over an hour of VRM temp jump by around twenty degrees. Settings around seventy centigrade after that sustained period.

We have an 8+4 pin CPU power arrangement behind the top heat sinks, which should be ample for decent overclocking.


We have a memory for dual-channel DDR4, which can support up to 64 gigabytes, giving overclockable up to 4266 MHz frequency, and XMPO is also available. These DIMMs slots are steel reinforced. It also includes in the list of best motherboards for i9 9900k.

We got six SATA plugs for SATA-based drive, each of which can transfer 6 gigabits of data. There are two M.2 slots, which are both PCI Express gen3. M.2 solid-state drive has thermal guards designed to correctly fit the SSD’s top to bring down the SSD temperature.


We also have five PCI expansion slots, two single speed single, and three sixteen slots with different speeds. Only the nearest sixteen slots to the CPU can transfer full bus speed. All sixteen slots PCI Expansion slots are steel reinforced.


On I/O, we got 2 USB ports, a ps2 keyboard mouse combo connector, HDMI and display port 1.4 in, two antennas with the Wi-Fi module, 2 USB 3.2 gen2 type C ports those are Thunderbolt 3, 2 USB 3.1 gen1 ports, 2USB 3.0 ports those use the DAC up to technology, 2 gigabit LAN connector, 2 USB of 3.0 port and audio ports. Plenty of high-speed connectivity there to transfer data, and we have a USB DAC, which gigabyte includes most of the boards.

The audio, which is right next to the PCI Express with an exciting assortment of components the package is driven by Tech ALC 1220 VB codec. It is a company by smart headphones app which detects the impedance of your headset automatically. It is a pretty capable audio section that works well.

Fan header

Now for fan headers, we get a total of five, all of which are hybrid headers meaning that you can have different mods so you can from PWM or voltage. There are also six thermal sensors in a critical location that can keep an eye on things.


You may think RGB lighting would be omitted from this board. WE also get some pre-installed heat sinks on this board and under the I/O, which can be modified using gigabyte software. We also get a single 12 volt RGB header at the bottom of the board for lighting strips.


We also have the Wi-Fi module installed into that provided M.2. However, the 802 11 AC Intel dual-band unit delivers 160 MHz and 1.73-gigabit data rates. That is possible due to having wave two technology and Wi-Fi connectivity Bluetooth 5 is supported.

Final verdict

However, suppose you need such features and especially an extensive rare I/O panel. In that case, you will be better at going for something with a smaller price tag, and you also get the same performance 80% of the same features on mid-range offering. Overclocking on designare is very good. We manage to hit 5 gigabits on 9900k without much effort. We require 1.3 volts, and that the VRM sensors remained around 70 degrees with that overclock applied for well over an hour.

4. GIGABYTE z390 AORUS ULTRA– Excellent Functionality

GIGABYTE Z390 Aorus ultra

The GIGABYTE Z390 Aorus ultra is the best motherboard for i9 9900k among the motherboard of GIGABYTE. If you are looking for some features like overclocking, Wi-Fi, and RGB lights, then AORUS ultra is one of the best.


 If you want to install highly overclocked memory, this motherboard supports up to 4400 MHz and maximum memory up to 64GB.

This motherboard uses the 12+1 phase digital power design, which includes PWM and DrMOS and additional 8+4 Solid pin power connectors, which offer clean power delivery to the motherboard’s sensitive components to get maximum performance from the 9th generation Intel core processors.

Heat sinks

This motherboard also provides a multi-fin cuts heat sink to improve thermal performance and by increasing heat dissipation. There is also a direct touch heat pipe to transfer heat from MOSFET to the heat sink, which gives the best cooling performance. Using a thermal thicker pad provides contact between the heat sink and components for faster heat transfer. GIGABYTE also optimized the motherboard’s thermal design to provide the ultimate cool performance for gamers and power users.

Audio capacitor

The dexterous audio system is made better by using ALC 1220 120db (A) to give superior sound quality and prevent low volume and distortion issues. Microphones with a higher dynamic range allow gamers to hear the voice more clearly. The AORUS motherboard boast combination of WIMA FKP2 capacitors for providing rich sound in the bass and more exact high frequencies.


However, The GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra motherboard Wi-Fi module supports 802.11ac Wave 2 function, providing you speeds of up to 1.73 Gbps (Gigabytes per second) so that you can enjoy smooth video streaming and a high-quality gaming experience.


Aorus ultra motherboard uses RGB FUSION 2.0 for addressable RGB LEDs. RGB fusion 2.0 offers the users to control on board RGB and external RGB. It is now upgraded with addressable LED support. Aorus Motherboard also support 5v or 12v addressable LEDs lighting strips and up to 250 LED lights.

5. Gigabyte z390 AORUS Master– Highly Practical

gigabyte z390 AORUS Master

If you are looking for some of the best i9 9900k motherboards, then gigabyte z390 AORUS Master is first. This board also supports overclocking because it has a 12+2 phase IR Digital VRM solution.

Gigabytes have their technology known as advanced thermal design. The advanced thermal system includes a fins-array, fin-cut heat sink, high thermal conductivity, direct touch heat pipe, and a thermal baseplate. With the help of cutting-edge thermal technology, you can increase heat dissipation.


The CPU socket is 1151 and supports both APN, 8th, and 9th generation processors, including the i9 9900k.


It has four DIMM DDR4 slots, supports up to 4400 MHZ and beyond. The maximum capacity is 64 gigabytes for both ECC and non-ECC modules. XMP is supported, and the slots are armored with AORUS stainless steel.

Gigabyte z390 AORUS Master also contains an 8+8 Solid pin power connector, which offers unbelievable power to the motherboard. Energy-sensitive components get maximum performance from 9th generation processors.


AORUS motherboard focused on M.2 technology to maximize their system potential. Three M.2 slots covered by gigabyte thermal guard technology.M.2 thermal guards prevent throttling and bottlenecks from high-speed M.2 SSDs. Extreme sequential real speed is 3551 MB/s, and sequential write speed is 3063 MB/s.


We have six SATA 3 ports for storage, operating in 0, 1, 5 & 10 and include IRST. There are four gen3 M.2 slots here. The top one supports satyr and PCI Express X for SSDs and supports Intel hybrid SSDs. Whereas the second one supports both satyr and PCI express X4, and the third slot only supports Express X4 modules.


Gigabyte z390 AORUS Master also has wireless technology, which supports Intel 802.11 wave two functionality and includes two antenna connectors with a speed of 1.73 GB/s for online streaming, 12x faster. Also, support Bluetooth 5.0.


We have a power and reset button. Also, have a CMOS button. Four USB 2.0 ports. Two USB 3.0 along with HDMI port. Three USB 3.2 gen2 type-c and also USB 3.2 gen2 Type-C. there is a single Ethernet LAN port. And five gold-plated audio, Enable easier debugging and operations.


With RGB fusion 2.0, you can setup addressable LEDs. Fusion 2.0 allows users to control onboard and external addressable LED strips for their pc. This motherboard support users to install additional 300 light strips.

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6. Asus prime A– Best Value On Money

Best Hackintosh Motherboard

Asus is a company known for producing great feature-loaded motherboards. You will find the riches motherboard for the lowest possible price, and that’s why I’m excited to review Asus prime z390-A motherboards due to its features.


Before going to the motherboard, the Z390 chipset is in all points identical to the z370 chipset. The only difference is the number of available USB 3.1 2nd generation USB of 10 GIGABITS per second. The first time we have a Wi-Fi standard adapter, which is integrated within the pretty cool chipset.

No protective backplate on the PCB. We have LGA 1151CPU socket, which will be computable with the 8th and 9th generations Intel CPU.


Memory wise we have the usual dual channel, which can support up to 64 GIGABYTE of DDR4 Ram. Each memory slot can support up to 16 gigabytes of DDR4 Ram. Also overclockable up to 4,266 MHz more than its predecessor, the prime 370 A.


We have a dual M.2 dual solid-state drive configuration on our board—one which can support up to eleven centimeters long M.2 solid-state drive and one up to eight centimeters.

M.2 solid-state drive heat shield is separated from the chipset because it brings an issue in the previous generation merged. It looks like a small thing, but actually, it is a big deal.


PCI Expresses we have three slots (single speed) and three 16 slots (different rate). Only the 16slots closest to the CPU can deliver up to 16 full Bus speed. If you have one video card, this is where you want it to be for optimal performance.


We have 2 USB 2nd generation plugs that seem to be small information. Why we based on 2nd generation plugs? If you are using all one water cooling setup for your processor, it will take 5v from a USB 2nd generation; of course, you still need one for your front panel peripherals.

X2 2nd generation USB plugs. X4 USB 3.1 2nd generation.X2 3.1 1st generation USB plugs. HDMI display. Intel 1 Gigabit LAN and finally 5+1 optical audio channels.

We have seven fan connectors, two of which are compatible with pump PWM. We can connect external thermal sensors right here, and you can also install an extension card here to add additional fans.


This board is fitted with two RGB strips. One right behind the IO roof and one right behind our chipset head shield. You also have additional 2 RGB AURA compliant connectors on your motherboard, but there are no RGB addressable connectors.  

Cooling Effect

Asus prime z390 can support Fan Xpert 4 cooling system. Fan Xpert 4 also delivers advanced fan control for dynamic system cooling. Due to Fan Xpert 4, you can also customize your settings.

Final Verdict

Outstanding features at the lowest possible price. Asus prime z390-A motherboard is more competitive to newly motherboard. It supports maximum overclocking. Two M.2 solid-state drive. Two RGB Ayra compliant connectors and Fan Xpert 4 cooling system support the best motherboard category for i9 9900k 2021.

7. Z390 Godlike– Great For Multitasking

MSI MEG Z390 Godlike is one of the very few motherboards which can push it beyond five gigahertz, and you are looking at a high overclocking motherboard. Obviously, you never expect any thermal throttling because electrically heat being shared among the sixteen phases. We also have a dual heat sink connected by a pipe, which can transfer heat more efficiently.


It is powered by an LGA 1151 socket that is fully compatible, supporting the 8th and 9th generation processors.

VRM, that’s where craziness starts. This motherboard MEG z390 GODLIKE comes with no less than 18 phases VRM, sixteen of which CPU-centric will give 800 AMPs that exceed the able motherboard.


Memory wise we have a dual-channel configuration supporting almost standard 128 gigabytes of DDR4 Ram. In 32 gigabytes, Ram sticks will be able to overclock them and support 4600 MHz. That’s why due to overclockable, it is more preference motherboard there.


We also have three M.2 solid-state drives, which can swap data up to 32 gigabytes per sec and second thanks to z390 OPTANE ready features. To avoid overheating, heat sinks are equipped with heavy and thick thermal pad heat shields. This motherboard also comes with m.2 expender Z with dual m.2 solid-state graphics card expansion fully equipped with thermo pad heat shields. Bring the five M.2 solid-state drive is good enough. I don’t think any other motherboard support many M.2 solid-state drive.


Export wise we have third-generation PCI expansion slots, one single speed single slot, and four sixteen slots with different speed us usual only the closest one to the CPU can deliver up to 16 full bus speed. There is also a switch allowing us to turn on and off any of our PCI expansion in case of trouble. We also have additional power plugs.

That’s not enough z390 GODLIKE comes with its own video streaming card. So if you are one of the streamers, you would be able to capture your favorite gaming action.


Storage-wise we have six third-generation SATA plugs and all able to transfer six gigabytes per sec individually. Also, have a U.2 connector. I never see five M.2 solid-state with a U.2 connector.


I/o wise, we have a clear CMOS and BIOS flashback button, a dual bend 802.11 AC with 1.73 gigabits of maximum transfer, a ps2 connector, four-five gigabit 3.1 generation USB plugs, two ten gigabit 3.1 second-generation USB plugs including a type C, two Gigabit LAN and five headphones jacks.

Onboard we have two 2,0 USB plugs, two 3.1 USB plugs, and two 3.1 2nd generation type C USB plugs.

Fan connector

It also has ten PWN fan connectors and only one water pump connector. We have two thermal connectors and one water flow connector. It also has a boost nob, which I absolutely like. It is basically used for different overclocking profiles that are usually manually set without any BIOS settings.


Troubleshooting wise, we have to need to diagnose and fix any issue within seconds. We have a Q-LED with a beautiful high-resolution dashboard screen, which will spell out what problems you encounter. We also have a LED indicating.


We have three RGB nested on our board one under the Io housing and one under our MEG logo and under the chipset heat shield. You can also connect three additional RGB connectors two of which are addressable compatible. Finally, we have a Corsair connector allowing you to control your corsair fain.


The best word not justify the exact meaning but it depends upon a lot of factors. These are the top motherboard. I name them top rated or top motherboard because these motherboard fulfill all key factors and some of the important features that a buyer can understand after using.

All the best motherboards for i9 9900ks that are mentioned will perform excellently and will be a great choice to pair the Intel 9900K processor with it. Every motherboard has excellent features and outstanding performance.

Let consider the key factors that you should really keep in mind before buying a new motherboard. There are many factors, but we discuss the important factors of the best i9 9900k motherboard.

If you are a gamer and want overclocking capability with great features, you should check out the AORUS ULTRA z390 motherboard.

If your streamer wants a high-end system with everything that a high-end user may need and don’t care much about the budget and is looking for a motherboard to pair up with the LGA 1151 CPU socket, then you check out the MSI Meg Z390 GODLIKE motherboard. It has overclocking capability overclocked up to 4400MHz.

Suppose you’re not enough into the gaming hardware and want a motherboard with an LGA-1151 socket, a simple design with good performance, and a good set of updated features. That will perform well and isn’t much expensive, and then you should check out the Gigabyte Z390 UD. Gigabyte Z390 UD offers you good performance at very is reasonably priced.

Best Motherboard For i9 9900k Buying Guide

If you are still thinking about the Quality motherboard or How to pick the Top motherboards for i9?

 Don’t worry

 I will help you with picking the best motherboard for the i9 9900k. So here the most important factors that you keep in mind before making the final decision.

Chipset and socket

The Intel i9 9900k processor supports an LGA1151 socket. Before buying a motherboard, make sure that your motherboard supports LGA 1151. Don’t worry. We have a list of those z390 motherboards which support the LGA 1151 socket.

Compatibility is the most important factor in buying a motherboard. Suppose your motherboard and socket don’t match. You will be damaging your motherboard or processor.


You need more ports/sockets to expand your motherboard. For expanding your RAM, you need 4 DIMMs slots, at least consider 2 M.2 ports for storage, at least 2 PCI Expansion for GPU, never forget USB 3.0, and Audio jacks.


You need Ethernet and a fast Wi-Fi adapter for your better experience. Don’t spend extra for wireless if you already use LAN, but fI recommend buying a wireless motherboard or future use,


For overclocking, there are several factors that you consider. First of all, the motherboard has VRM because VRM help in regular voltage. Also, have some heat sinks because the sink keeps your RAM, SSD, and CPU cool. VRM and heat sink are very important to overclock 5.0 GHz or more.


Best motherboards have some extra features that protect them from shocking overheating. Your motherboard connects everything on it. It is important to buy the latest technology that can’t be damaged easily. Your board also has Capacitors or VRM because that helps us in shocking or high voltage protection.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best motherboard for the i9 9900k?

The quality motherboard is that which can support LGA 1151 socket. Which can be expendable, can be overclocked able, and high connectivity plugs.

 According to our point, these are the best motherboard:-

  • Gigabyte Designare z390
  • AORUS Master Z390
  • Asus Prime Z390-A

How to choose the best motherboard for the i9 9900k?

The word best depends on many factors like CPU Socket, RAM Slots, CMOS, BIOS, SATA, PCI Expansion slots, Power connectors, etc. Almost every major brand, like GIGABYTE, MSI, ASUS, etc. Holds a good range of motherboards for the consumer segment and also following quality and affordability.

Which motherboards can overclock?

Intel Allows certain motherboards that can be overclocked, but all Z-designated motherboards can be overclockable, and AMD allows all motherboards to be overclockable. Here we got the list of some of the best overclocks able motherboards.

What are the motherboard components?

  • CPU socket
  • DIMM slots
  • PCI Expansion slots
  • M.2 connectors
  • SATA ports
  • Front panel connectors
  • VRM heat sink
  • RGB header