Best Motherboards For Ryzen 7 1700x in 2021- Buying Guide

Searching for the best motherboards for Ryzen 1700x storing massive data and tackling heavy games? Here we accomplished a list of the best motherboards for ryzen 7 1700x that might solve your issue and meet several requirements. Apart from all of this, it’s a quite well-packaged product that almost every individual might afford. All you need is the proper maintenance. We assure you that you are going to love this. You might visit any computer shop facilitating the customers with hardware and software products in your home town. Otherwise, you approach a trusted website to place an order for the best motherboards on a decent budget.

We presented the list of well-packaged motherboards and facilitated its customer with exciting features. We tried our best at our end to you aware of excellent products. Here, we explored some best motherboards for ryzen1700x in quite a decent amount.

1. MSI Crossfire Motherboard Tomahawk


MSI Crossfirem Motherboard is one of the best motherboards that entertain you with advanced technology for transferring a high amount of data in less period. It leaves a good impression on customers cause of its excellent functionality.

Memory enhancement

It plays a crucial role in enhancing your processor memory as Its hard disk could store a huge amount of data, and you might perform your mandatory task without any problem. Besides storing data, you might have experience with the heavy game that requires an updated setup. All user requirements have been emphasized while designing its model.

Cooling Enhancement

The addition of Crossfire Tmomehawk enables a massive amount of air to pass through its surface, enhancing your system’s cooling. You might carry heavy work as the functionality of your system is not affected by heat-up problems. In short, its heat sink design is the key to enabling your processor to be used on a long-term basis.

DATA transfer

Apart from playing games or performing different tasks installation of Crossfire Tomahawk motherboards enable you to store a huge amount of data in an organized manner that you might use or transfer in the required time. In short, it’s one of the preferred products cause of its updated design and excellent performance.

Sound System

The advanced sound system puts a good impression on its user, provoking massive customers to purchase this exciting product in the first attempt. Cause of its exciting features, it has earned massive likes and satisfying reviews on different social media platforms cause of its incredible performance.

Additional features

  • Gaming LEDs
  • Heat sink design
  • Lightning Fast games
  • Multi GPU In-Game weapons


  • Updated software
  • Bearable Budget
  • Smooth working
  • Well packaged


  • Can’t tackle high load
  • Not best for everyone
  • Difficult use for beginner


2. ASUS Prime B450 M-A-Best budget Ryzen 7 motherboard

Best budget Ryzen 7 motherboard

ASUS motherboards are quite determined regarding technology. Therefore it emphasizes providing comfortable digital life to its customers. Apart from all of this, it provides all the preferred features that any individual recommends for the smart gadget. Therefore, ASUS products fall among the top brands of the world.

Cooler by design

ASUS series comprises the most advanced cooling system as you might monitor the temperature by connecting its header with a monitor. Moreover, if you are not comfortable with its temperature, it enables you to adjust the temperature according to your requirement. Besides this, you might fix the sensor via its monitor to inspect the specific temperature of the graphic card to ensure that the cooling system performs its good functionality.

USB connectivity

B450 series facilitate you with the latest technologies in comparison with other boards. Therefore, the connection of branded USB enables you to store a huge amount of data and enhance the memory of your processor. Besides this, you might carry out mandatory tasks ten times faster than normal routines via the connection of this portable device. You might tackle heavy work at the speed of 10GPbs.

Long term use

ASUS products are among the top successful brands in the world. It will be not wrong to say that these products are tested for consecutive more than 8000 hours with several compatible and reliable devices. After a proper inspection, these motherboards are delivered to the market to assure long-term use for their customers. Therefore, it might occur in the category of reliable products appropriate for long-term use.

Enhanced setup

A well-designed system also requires a wise setup to perform its functions essentially. ASUS Aura Sync entertains the user with its lightning that the header of a motherboard might link. It’s one of the innovative approaches made by ASUS developers.


Apart from all of these, one of the interesting features making it unique from other gadgets is that it comprises a B450 chipset to give excellent output and enhance its flexibility by installing AM-4 Ryzen processors associated with AMD Store MI acceleration technology. Besides this B450-A series is also associated with two 10GPbs 3.1 USB Gen 1 and gen2 ports and a set of four SATA ports comprising the total memory up to 6Gbps.

Additional Features

  • Auto shielding
  • imported capacitors
  • Separate layer for both tracks
  • VR Ready
  • AM4 Socket


  • Ability to install AMD processors
  • Installation of RAM modules
  • Solid design


  • Lack of integrated wifi
  • Lack of EC RAM support
  • Need to install SLI support


3. ASROCK B450M PRO4-Best Ryzen Micro ATX Motherboard

Best Ryzen Micro ATX Motherboard

Awesome gadgets meet all customers’ requirements, such as gaming and assisting in tackling heavy loads relating to computer technology. Also known as the Best cheap Ryzen 7 1700x Micro ATX motherboard. In addition to all of this exciting package is associated with M.2 for assisting 6Gb/s SATA3, PCLe Gen3*4 huge interface and complete kit relating to ASROCK series to enhance its data transfer speed to a reasonable requirement.

USB Connectivity

In addition to all of this ASROCK series provides a complete package in quite a reasonable amount. ASROCK B450M PRO4 entertains its user by Dual USB 3.1 for type A and type c to increase its operating speed up to 32Gb/s, which adds value to the importance of this gadget. ASROCK B450 can be referred to as one of the most reliable gadgets for attracting massive customers in the first attempt. Besides this B450 chipset has been installed for excellent out and flexibility.

Copper Shield

B450M PRO4 dealers facilitate you with a complete kit that is mandatory for smooth working. 2 copper layers are inserted in this gadget to prevent the system from getting heat up as well as copper wires play a vital role in enhancing its cooling criteria as well to increase its speed to carry out heavy workload inappropriate time. Apart from B450 M PRO4 features, its sleek design adds value to the reputation of this product.

AMD Store MI Technology

In addition to its sleek design, AMD Store MI Technology makes the device more valuable as its quite capable of associating your hard disk memory with SSD speed so that two different drives might be stored in a single disk and the rest of the data might be transferred to single drive so that you might have the pleasure of both storages at their end.

Elegant PCB

Elegant black PCB gives it a new touch to represent its excellent quality. Besides its fascinating design, it also includes excellent glass fiber with massive density to avoid any electrical shocks caused by humidity. Apart from all of this, the installation of solid capacitors on the B450M series enables the motherboard to perform functions on a long-term basis.

Additional Features

  • Triple monitors
  • Three graphic outputs
  • A tuning
  • Spike protection
  • Digi power


  • Solid Capacitors for long life
  • Advance chipset
  • Heatsinks for efficiency
  • Compatible wifi


  • Limited heat expansion
  • Lack doubling schemes
  • Need 4+4 phase VRM installation


4.TUF ASUS X570 Plus AM4 Zen3

TUF ASUS X570 Plus

Specially designed for 2nd and 3rd Ryzene gen processors to enhance its speed and making it capable of interlinking to different devices by associating AUSX570 series with M.2 drives, USB, and other peripheral devices.

Powerful Design

Tuf ASUS X570 Plus Am4 Zen 3 has been designed with a power storing capacity of 12+2 MOS power for replacing both high and low side MOSEFTS and hard drive in a single disk to make this gadget powerful and efficient so that it meets the requirement of recently introduced processors. Besides this, its rigid shield provides your gadget from severe damage.

Dual PCI-E 4.0 M.2

Dual PCI-E 4.0 has been considered to facilitate the user with incredible output and enhance its performance to tackle heavy loads. In addition to this cooling system has also been preferred to work for consecutive massive hours and avoid your system by heat up problems. Besides this, it includes wifi 5 with incredible 160MHz channels to accelerate heavy games smoothly.


Incredible sound effects throw a good impression on a player during gameplay. The background music of every character provokes them to install this device within a matter of minutes. In short, it meets every requirement of a customer in a perfect manner.

Additional Features

  • High-quality power arrangement
  • Advance cooling system
  • Game setup
  • Enhanced graphics


  • Advance chipset
  • LED Lighting
  • Connectivity with several devices


  • Lack of Front panel
  • No precious PCLe Port
  • Must Update BIOS


5. B450 AORUS ELITE-Best AMD Ryzen 7 1700x Motherboard

Best Motherboards For Ryzen 1700

B450 AORUS ELITE assists its user via 2nd generation Ryzen associated with 1st generation processors. Besides this, it’s associated with HDMI and several ports such as HDMI for several displays. Apart from all of this is provides good help to AMD crossfire and massive crossfire technologies.

Hybrid digital power and Lower RDS

AMOROUS series approached hybrid digital power and Lower RDS to assist 2nd gen ryzen in enhancing its performance and making your gadget powerful enough to tackle heavy loads inappropriate manner.

This approach plays a crucial role in enabling the processor to work for consecutively massive hours smoothly.

Lower RDS

Keeping in view all safety measures, manufacturers of the best motherboards for ryzen 7 1700x adopted optimally charged batteries that avoid heating issues and enable them to be used on a long-term basis. Via this system, you might tackle heavy data and tasks in the field of computer science. Furthermore, batteries are of small size set to lower temperature to prevent it from explosion or heat dissipation.

Bandwidth allocation

In addition to all of these feature features, the AOROUS series includes the installation of Realtek LAN specially designed for the game player to enjoy the game at an advanced level. Apart from all of this its often assist in transferring huge data in a specific period. B450 manufacturer aims to provide quality signals for a good net experience that adds value to the quality of a product.

Lightning design

ASUS series entertains you with the complete kit on quite a decent budget. Apart from graphic cards and chipsets, you are provided with LED lighting arranged on the motherboard that adds value to the quality of the gadget and represents your lavish lifestyle. The more you care about your product, the more it will create a good image regarding your professional behavior.

Additional Features

  • Network inspection
  • Assist ultraviolet lights
  • Optimized battery
  • Integrated input/output shield


  • Massive connectivity opportunities
  • Good functionality
  • Reasonable budget


  • Limited OC
  • Adjusting M.2 on a hot surface
  • Limited airflow


6. ROG-STRIX B450-F-Gaming

ROG-STRIX B450-F-Gaming

Republic of Gamers is often regarded as the world’s second-largest brand dealing in the world of electronic gadgets. It’s known as a sub-brand of ASUS cause of its incredible products and quality work. ROG laid its roots to invent the latest gadgets in the electronic world

Boosting performance

Besides its quality work, the installation of Suit 3 enables the user to boost up the performance of your system according to your requirements and enable the system to tackle heavy loads according to specific tasks. Its panel comprises massive controlling features enabling you to set the system according to your requirements. Besides this, you might maintain the temperature and efficiency of a system.

Cooling Design

Apart from this, its cooling system enables the user to maintain a specific temperature that’s mandatory for controlling specific temperatures. Moreover, you might monitor the temperature and adjust it according to your requirements. You might work for 500 consecutive hours by protecting your system from any damage.

Advance design and easy setup

The combination of elegant design, touch sensors, and a huge validity list you aware of the product, and its sleek design make the installation of this gaming board quite easy. If you have the basic knowledge, you might adjust this gaming board in a quite convenient way and enjoy its enhanced graphics.

Enhanced graphics

The installation of the AROS series enhances the graphics of your device, and you splendidly enjoy heavy games as well as it throws a good impression on every individual regarding the quality of your motherboard

Additional features

  • Cyber outlook
  • High-quality FX
  • LED lighting
  • 2nd Generation ryzen
  • Incredible functionality


  • Great BIOS
  • Great Overclocking
  • ASUS AURA Sync RGB lighting
  • 5-way optimization.
  • RGB addressable connectors


  • Lack reset button
  • Lack wifi
  • Missing of heatsink


7. MSI B450 Gaming PRO Carbon MAX WIFI

Best Motherboards For Ryzen 7

The manufacturer of MSI gaming motherboard was assassinated by car design and keeping in view that model, he gave this gadget a carbon fiber look and observed a certain boost in its performance. MSI B450 has been designed for fast speed with the combination of core boost, M.2 shield, DDR boost, and much more.


MSI gaming board has been designed to assist Rezen generation processors and the Reizen series. Besides this, you might install Bio 5 in your system to make it user-friendly and introduce the latest features in your processor. Moreover, the heatsink has been designed at the top of the motherboard to escape the heat for cooling purposes and let your system work smoothly.


Apart from all of this MSI series approaches MMU technology. Thus enabling you to access wifi as well as Bluetooth on your computer. Besides all of this, it enhances its speed up to 1.73 Gbps. Furthermore, the user might enhance the beauty of his product by introducing LED light available in millions of colors that have a delightful impact on every individual regarding the performance of your gadget.


The recent invention of the MSI motherboard enables the system to generate a good current to the CPU so that your system’s processor might get charged and enable you to carry mandatory tasks regarding your field.

Additional Features

  • Gaming customization
  • 2 shield
  • Heatsink structure
  • Coore Boost
  • DDR4 Boost


  • Adventurous gaming
  • Best sound quality
  • Enhanced graphics


  • USB lacks compatibility
  • Limited enhancement in processor’s speed
  • Huge power consumption


8. MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WIFI

Best Performance Motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X

MPG series is specially designed for gaming purposes. MSPG X570 enables its user to play splendidly, thus giving tough competition to your competitor. Apart from gaming technologies, the user might enjoy the wifi, heat sink, and lightning concept of this product.


THE MPG X570 gaming board entertains you with a complete package as you might enjoy high-level games and enjoy wifi and Bluetooth facility with intel wifi software. Besides this, you might enhance its speed to estimate minimum 433Mbps.

Heatsink Design

Best motherboards for Rezen always contain a heatsink design for cooling down a system to continue its smooth working and increase the speed of the processor to tackle heavy workloads.

CORE Boost

CORE Boost is an essential part of any gaming gadget as it enables the device to produce current in the overall system by associating it CPU. Just experience this product once in your life, you will fall in love with this gadget.

Audio Boost

Its incredible sound throws a good image on surrounding individuals regarding your personality and product maintenance. It is referred to as a beast in terms of sound quality

Additional Features

  • Audio Boost Technology
  • Installed IOS shield
  • Heatsink structure
  • LED lighting


  • User friendly
  • Processor enhancement
  • Good quality FX


  • Compatibility issues
  • Booting issues in sleeping mode
  • Stability issues for some individuals

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tomahawk motherboard support ryzen 5 2400 g?

Yes, this motherboard support ryzen 5 2400. Just download this software into your system and continue working splendidly.

IS ASUS B450 M-A is compatible with ryzen 7 3800X?

Yes, it will work smoothly. However, it’s a low-budget motherboard but performs the required functionality of a user.

Does ASROCKb450m pro4 has wifi?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t entertain the customers with a wifi facility.

Do you need to use the extra four-pin CPU power with ASUS TUF gaming motherboard X750?

No, that’s not mandatory.

Does Gigabyte B450 come with all setup, or should you update it with a lower CPU?

No all just need is for that user should download the software required to assist Ryzen 3 series.


Here we have explored the list of best motherboards for ryzen7 1700x in quite a reasonable budget, facilitating you with quite exciting features in the most bearable amount. In case you haven’t used our products, Just experience these products as a trial we assure you to fall in love with these products.


After a list of specified products, most customers will be confused regarding the selection of products as all of the products facilitate you with the best qualities at their end. We would like to recommend the 2nd product as our experts have tested it from our perspective. Although the price of this product is a bit high, it provides your complete package in the most decent amount.