How To Test-Motherboard Failure Symptoms/Signs

The motherboard is the base of any computer system. If the base is at fault, then the whole thing can be problematic. Therefore it is essential to know when your motherboard is causing a problem or the motherboard failure symptoms.

A motherboard is a machine, and machines get damages. A motherboard can also get damaged and fail to perform its actions. The user needs to know the basic motherboard failing symptoms and contact a professional.

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A failing motherboard often shows signs before it completely dies off. The symptoms are for the user to be aware and take action. If a motherboard fails and does not take action while required, then other hardware in the computer can also get damaged.

It is essential to know motherboard failure symptoms and what to do? When you start seeing these symptoms. Suppose you want to know about motherboard failing symptoms and how to avoid them. Keep reading our article, and at the end, you will have all the information about motherboard failure signs.

Symptoms of Motherboard Failure

Like everything and everyone, motherboards also get problematic, and sometimes you get a dead motherboard on your hand. A dying motherboard can sometimes damage other hardware too. So, it is crucial to know when your machine is causing problems and when to take some action?

For your information, save you from disaster when you have listed some of the motherboard failure symptoms. Sometimes motherboard might not even show a symptom, but if any of the following signs show up, then you should know it’s time to call up some computer doctor.

Visible Damage

First of all, if you want to know about motherboard failure or motherboard is wearing down, then inspect it closely. Please turn off the system and then open it up. Motherboards are very delicate. They have very tiny parts, and damaging any one of them can cause big problems. So, while inspecting the motherboard avoid touching it with force.

Look around and search for any burned transistor or chip. Look for damaged parts and if you find any then quickly contact some expert. While running, if you get a burning smell from your computer, it also means that something is wrong and you need to get your PC checked.

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Remember to check your computer from time to time for any damage it can save you from big disasters.

Usage problem

If you get any glitches or your computer freezes while working, this can also be a failing motherboard symptom. It can be a motherboard or CPU failure, or some other part of the computer might be near death, but whatever is the problem get your computer checked.

The motherboard might not specifically cause this usage problem, but it is one of the symptoms before a failing motherboard. Some other hardware can also cause glitches and frozen screens, but it is good to be cautious and get your system checked.

Getting Slow

If your PC is getting slow or if it doesn’t perform like it was performing early, this might not be a sign of system board failure, but it surely means that your computer needs some help. Getting slow is one of the earliest symptoms of motherboard failure.

If your Pc is loading programs slowly than regular, it takes more time in booting than standard, or the computer is not recognizing your keystrokes. These are all the symptoms indicating your system needs serious help. Get it to check, or it can lead to hardware failure.


BSOD or Blue Screen of Death is a warning sign that there might be some problem with your computer hardware; you need to resolve it. It is called Blue Screen of Death because it occurs when there is some significant problem with your PC.

Blue screen is not a sign of a dead system, but it appears when there is a critical problem present and needs to take care of.

So, whenever you see this Blue Screen of Death, know that your hardware is in deep problem and needs some professional help.

Unable to Detect Hardware

If your computer cannot detect hardware like a mouse or keyboard, this can be related to the motherboard failure. Before jumping to the conclusion, first, check if the hardware in working condition.

The problem can start with a simple USB malfunction, and later the computer will start showing problems with connecting hardware. This is a symptom that your motherboard is on the brink of failure and needs proper attention.

It is essential to take your computer to some professional in such a condition or else your computer can fail.

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Causes of motherboard failure

We have listed the symptoms of motherboard failure, but motherboard failure causes are yet to be discussed. Now, you know that what are motherboard failure signs but you should also be aware of why a motherboard fails. So, you can avoid them.

So, without further waiting, let’s check out what causes motherboard failure?


Computers create heat, and they are also heat sensitive. Heat can cause a motherboard to fail, and it can also damage a lot of hardware on the computer.

To fight heat generation, computers have dedicated cooling systems. Due to the overheating motherboard can get damaged heavily, and sometimes it can fail.

Modern computers show warning signs when computers are overheating. When you see such a signal, immediately get the help of some expert.

Power Instability

Power Instability can also be very damaging for the system; if your computer gets a stable power supply, it can get affected immediately.

The power surges can easily damage your computer. The transistors or chips inside the computer can get quickly fried, and the whole motherboard can be dead in a matter of seconds. So, to deal with power stability, use Surge protectors to save your computer from any power surge.

Improper Handling

Suppose you do not handle your computers properly they can get damaged easily. Computer parts are exceptionally delicate. A sudden smack to them can cause severe damage if you are continually moving and shifting from place to place and don’t take care of your computer while shifting. It can get damaged.

A stroke or any hit to the PC can be fatal, but it directly impacts the motherboard, then game over. So, while handling the motherboard or any PC hardware, be gentle or get them damaged.

Dirt and Dust

Dirt and dust can accumulate on and inside your PC. The dust can’t be a direct cause of the system failure, but it can block the ventilation and cause the system to overheat.

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Dust is hazardous for the motherboard. It accumulates on the motherboards and can slow it down. Also, cause problems with the current flow in the motherboard.

Time Factor

Time is destructive; it is the enemy of everything. If you are using a PC for a very long time, it can fail anytime. The time factor is significant in everything and especially in technology.

Your computer is a machine, and with use, it can wear with time. So, the motherboard parts can wear, tear and, eventually leading to the motherboard’s failure.


Motherboards are the essential part of a computer, and if they get problematic, it can cause damage to the whole PC.

To know about motherboard failure is very important, but how to tell if the motherboard is failing? For that, we have listed some signs of a failing motherboard. If you see any of these signs, know that your motherboard might be in grave danger and near failing.

If the damage is not to the whole board but to some minor part that can be changed, it is good. You can quickly get that part changed, and your computer will be back on track, but if the problem is big and the whole motherboard is in question.

There is no option but to get your motherboard changed. Therefore we say, in case of any of the above-listed symptoms, immediately call some expert and get your computer checked.