Razer Firefly V1 Vs. V2: Kith and Keen Details Review

Mouse Pads could be seen as minor peripherals for a computer set up. But in gaming, it matters a lot more than just keeping and using your mouse over. Different renowned manufacturers have come up with up-to-date mousepads day by day. Regarding this, “Razer Firefly V1 Vs. V2” has become the ultimate debate.

A vastly reputed company like Razer has astonished us in every single up-gradation in each of their products. Alike, Razer Firefly V2. This one is the exclusive upgraded mouse pad of the Razer Firefly V1 version.

Both of the mousepads look about the same at a glance. But there are subtle differences present. However, the differences are subtle but impact greatly on your gaming experience.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the kith and keen details review of Razer Firefly V1 and V2.

Comparison Chart – Razer Firefly V1 Vs. V2

We have analyzed both of the mousepads and set up a comparison chart. Below here you can find six key differences between Razer Firefly V1 and Razer Firefly V2.

FeaturesRazer Firefly V1Razer Firefly V2
SurfaceBuilt with cloth surfaceMade with Micro-texture plastic surface
RGB LightingBright RGB lightingThree times brighter RGB lighting
Lighting Zone15 lighting zone available19 lighting zone available
Software ConfigurationYou will get breathing, reactive spectrum cycling, static, wave, and profile link program options in the software.You will get ripple effects and an audiometer set up additionally.
Smoothness and GripLess smooth and grip controlMore smooth and grip control
Cable ManagementThere is no cable management facility availableThere is a cable management facility available
CostRazer Firefly V1 costs $60Razer Firefly V2 costs $50

In-depth discussion – Razer Firefly V1 Vs. V2


Razer Firefly V1 has a cloth surface. It ensures no crack and no break. The design is very sleek and thin. The dimension is- 13.5”x 10”. The thickness is 4mm. You can easily use this mouse pad for a year or more. Although, frequent heavy use may lead the cloth surface edges to come out.

On the other hand, Razer Firefly V2 has a micro-textured plastic surface. It means the finishing is more detailed and innovative. The dimension is the same as the V1. But this one is a thinner mouse pad with 3mm thickness. The V2 is suitable for regular usage for gaming.

Besides, the gliding smoothness and bottom grip are also different in both of the versions. You will get better smoothness in gliding, better control, and less resistance in Razer Firefly V2 in comparison with V1.

RGB Lighting

The RGB lighting is the signature feature of any Razer product. The lights always drive the users crazy. In Razer Firefly V1, there is RGB Chroma lighting available. The lights shine well and can be configured using the Razer Synapse software.

In Razer Firefly V2, the RGB Chroma light is more vibrant. The surround of the mouse pad is built with plastic piping, which makes the light shine brighter. The plastic lighting piping loops around to the back. This small change has given V2 an attractive awesome look. These lightings also can be customized using the Razer Synapse software.

The lighting differences are more visual in a dark room or at night.

Lighting Zone

There are 15 lighting zones available in V1. On the contrary, there are 19 lighting zones available in the V2.

It means in the V2; you get to explore more the lightings.

Software Configuration

With the Razer Synapse software, you can configure different lighting features in Razer Firefly V1. Such as breathing, reactive spectrum cycling, static, wave, and profile link programs. Not only that. You can also level up the brightness or make any level changes in the settings.

In the V2, you can additionally customize the Ripple effect, which is just awesome. Besides, you can set up the audiometer setting. It is more likely for bass sounds. The higher the bass, the brighter and more productive the lighting is. It will occur with every base sound.

Cable Management

The V1 doesn’t come with a cable management system. Instead, it comes with a hub situated in the center top of the mouse pad. Well, it sometimes may create a slight issue in simultaneous mouse gliding. The head of the mouse bumps with the hub and causes interruption in the gaming concentration.

The V2 comes with a nice cable management system, which manages the cable connected to your mouse and gives smooth gliding and uninterrupted movement.


The Razer Firefly V1 initially came with the price of $60, which is quite expensive.

The Razer Firefly V2 came with the price of $50. So, you are getting more features with less expense. Isn’t it amazing?

Razer Firefly V1 Vs. V2 – Which one to choose

The features are just fine. Now, the Razer Firefly V1 or the Razer Firefly V2? Which one to choose?

You can say what’s so serious to think about getting a mouse pad. But there are some factors to keep in mind before getting one.

If you are thinking about buying a mouse pad for gaming, then there are certain requirements your gaming mouse pad should provide. In gaming, the mouse needs to be moved or glided most often. So, you need a mouse pad with a smooth surface to get quality movement.

Secondly, whatever you are using the mouse pad for, there should be enough grip beneath the mouse pad. Nobody wants to have a slippery mouse pad that doesn’t stay in place and moves with the mouse.

Besides, if you don’t like to bump the head of your mouse with the hub often, you can look for cable management as an option.

Last but not least, for people who like a fancy esthetic setup, the RGB lighting option in the mouse pad includes a new dimension. So, you can look for an RGB Chroma light available option.

As we have discussed enough, the features an ideal gaming mouse pad should have. Now is the time for you to merge your requirements with features and choose one for you.


When did the Razer Firefly V2 come out?

Razer Firefly V2 first came out on October 30, 2019.

Is the Razer Firefly worth it?

Razer Firefly mouse pads are worth it. Razer mousepads are built with efficient material quality and give the users the ultimate gaming experience.

Does Razer Firefly V2 work with Synapse 2?

Razer Firefly V2 may work with Razer Synapse 2. But, it is advised to use Razer Synapse 3 software to customize the mouse pad lighting functions.

How big is the Razer Firefly v1?

Razer Firefly V1 and V2 are designed at 355mm/255mm. V2 is thinner than v1 instead of having plastic lighting piping within.

Is Razer Firefly hard?

There are two different versions of Razer Firefly. One is a hard cloth version, and the other is a micro-textured plastic version.

How do I clean my Razer Firefly hard?

To clean the Razer Firefly Hard, you can use pieces of cotton or cloth. Dip any of those into warm water. Press away from the water and clean the mouse pad with the soaked cloth.

Final Words

If you are still reading, we can assume that this article has been beneficial to you. Already set up your mind to buy one from above? Even if you still haven’t, “Razer Firefly V1 Vs. V2” is also not so tough to decide.

Depending on the costs and features available, Razer Firefly V2 seems more useful for users nowadays. Well, you can still go for the V1 if you want if you don’t have fancy expectations from a mouse pad. Ut will still provide you with enough attractive RGB lighting and smooth usage.

Just get one that can ensure a better gaming experience.