Razer Nari Vs. Nari Ultimate: Learn the Key Differences

Great gaming is a combination of great vision and hearing. You must get a gaming headset to intensify your gaming experience. It leads you to the point, which gaming headset you should get.

Two different headsets from the same company have created a hype,” Razer Nari Vs. Nari ultimate”. There is a lot of controversy in this specific topic. Focusing on that, here we have gathered all the information about both of the headsets altogether.

Although, the key difference between Razer Nari and the Ultimate is the haptic technology. But there is more to it.  Let’s get i9nto the details served on a silver platter.

Comparison Chart- Razer Nari Vs. Nari Ultimate

FeaturesRazer Nari  Razer Nari Ultimate  
Hypersense ActivationThere is no Hypersense activation presentWorks with Hypersense activation
PluggingNo L-shaped plugging availableL-shaped plugging available
VibrationCan rarely makes experience vibrationHigh vibration feeling
Sound QualityGood but not great sound qualityPerfect sound quality for gaming
Mic QualitySuitable to talk but not a great oneUsable and controllable
SoftwareUses Razer Synapse 3Uses Razer Synapse 3
LightingRGB lighting availableRGB lighting available
Battery LifeGood service in heavy useEats up more charge in use
Drivers50 mm dynamic driver50 mm dynamic driver
BodySmooth black plastic, cushioned ear cups and supporting headband.Smooth black plastic, cushioned ear cups and supporting headband.
Buttons/ WheelsPower button, mic mute button, mic volume adjustment wheel and game volume adjustment wheel.Power button, mic mute button, mic volume adjustment wheel and game volume adjustment wheel.
CostingCosts $149Costs $199

More or less Razer Nari and Nari Ultimate look the same. But, we can already see some differences in the comparison chart above. Though, these differences look subtle but have a great impact on the user experience.

Without further ado, let’s get into the in-depth discussion of it.

In-depth Discussion- Razer Nari Vs. Nari Ultimate

Hypersense Activation

The Razer Nari doesn’t come with hypersense activation. Nari Ultimate has hypersense activation.

There is no diafrum but a L5 actuator which moves back and forth. It turns electrical energy into mechanical energy.


There is a L-shaped plug cable to use the Nari Ultimate as a wired headset. It allows you to use the headset in any other device.

However, the Razer Nari doesn’t have an L-shaped plug but you still can use the cable to connect it with other devices.


From a general view, a non gamer also has to accept that the Ultimate is far better at this point from Razer Nari. You can feel the vibration so intensely in the Ultimate. Your face and head vibrates and gives a fantastic feeling with this headset.

In the Razer Nari, you will get a good experience. But I can not feel the awesome vibration.

Sound Quality

Here is another big difference between the two headsets. You can say, Razer Nari Ultimate actually works as its name at this point. Yes. It gives the ultimate premium sound quality. The heavy bass sounds are more clear and closer to you.

It makes you feel as lively on the battlefield as you are on it in real life. You can also clearly hear the footsteps and every other subtle sound changes.

Mic Quality

Well, talking about mic quality. None of the above headset offers the best. Razer still needs to work more on their mic quality.

In both of the devices, a forth and back mic is available below the era cup. The mic is also bendable. To use it, pull the mic outside. After using the mic just pull it back into the ear cup.

So, this feature also allows you to make your entire look clean, not showing the mic unused in a weird position while streaming. You yet can not see this unique design in most of the headsets in the market.


Both of the headsets require Razer Synapse 3 software to customize and set up the functionalities.

In Razer Nari you will get to configure, bass boost, voice clarity and sound normalization. In the Nari Ultimate, you will also get an option to on/off the Haptic energy. Besides, you can set the intensity as you want from low to high.


The lighting feature is also the same in two of the Razer headsets. Both come with RGB lighting which offers different colors. You can set one single color to be always on. Also, you can use the switching color feature to make it look more attractive.

Battery Life

The biggest drawback of both of the Razer headset is the battery life. With full charge you can use the Razer Nari for 20 hours simultaneously. But with the lights off. If you use it with lights on, the battery may support charge only up to 14 hours.

In the case of Nari Ultimate, the battery can run up to 20 hours without lights on. And 8 hours with lights on.

Giving extra money and not getting an extended battery life is the major con that users say about it.


Both of the headsets have 50mm dynamic drivers. It ensures enough loudness of sound. However, loudness doesn’t only depend on this factor.


The built quality or the body is well built of both of the headset. Both of them have a matte black aluminium coating body with smooth plastic combination. The ear cups are made of cooling gel within. Results into a longer period of usage with no quick heating problem.

The headset also has a supportive head band above the main headband. It makes the product more durable.

Buttons/ Wheels

In both of the headsets, there is a power button, mic mute button, volume and game sound adjustment wheel, a slot to keep the dongle, A 3.5 mm jack and USB port.

As an improved headset Razer could work more on the USB port in Razer Nari Ultimate.


The old Razer Nari costs less than the Ultimate. The Ultimate is a little costly.

Better quality with increased price. Could not be excellent and we can expect more improvement as a Razer device. But worth the money.

Razer Nari Vs. Nari Ultimate- Which one to choose?

Choosing one between Razer Nari and Nari Ultimate mostly depends on if you want the extra features or not.

Nari Ultimate will give you a more premium experience than the Razer Nari headset. You will get the best outcome in hearing experience with the Ultimate. Nari is not capable of providing you the vibration, noise cancellation and heavy bass sound that Ultimate can provide.

If you play vibrant heavy games which have gunshots, explosions and bass sounds like that, Nari Ultimate would be the best choice for you if you are willing to get the full enjoyment of the game.

But, if you play games less and are going to use the headset more for music or movies. Then, you can save up some bucks going for the Razer Nari.


What is the difference between Razer NARI and NARI ultimate?

The main difference between Razer Nari and Nari Ultimate is the Hypersense technology and vibrating sensation. Which are available in Nari Ultimate and makes the headset better performing for games.

Which is better: Razer Kraken ultimate or Razer Nari ultimate?

Undoubtedly, Razer Nari Ultimate is better than Razer Kraken. Because, Nari Ultimate has heavier bass and better sound quality with less background noise issues.

Does the Razer Nari essential have 7.1 surround sound?

Yes. Razer Nari essentially has surround sound. You have to customize it with Razer Synapse software version 3.

Does Razer Nari essentially have noise Cancelling?

Yes. Razer Nari essentially has active noise cancellation. It prevents unwanted noises to interrupt in your game or even if you are listening to any music.

How long does Razer Nari last?

Razer Nari lasts for two days with heavy usage without the RGB lights on. The battery life may decrease if you use the headset with the lights on continuously.

Does Razer Nari Ultimate have RGB?

Yes. Razer Nari Ultimate has RGB lighting. That offers varieties of color choices.

Does Razer Nari have surround sound?

No. Razer Nari doesn’t have surround sound. Instead, it uses THX spatial audio. Still gets you the best output sound quality.

Final Words

The controversial discussion about”Razer Nari Vs. Nari Ultimate” ends here. Whichever headset you choose now, choosing one according to your need is required.

After Razer has upgraded the Razer Nari to Nari Ultimate, the Ultimate ones have become more popular. The users claim that the investment into the Ultimate is not a bad one. Ultimate makes the user feel closer to the game like a real time experience. To some users, it has seemed a larger headphone.The headset may slide down from the user’s head for head shakes or if the person bows down.

Razer Nari still is demandable for the users who want a budget friendly, not too high requirement headset. It works great to fulfill the basic demands of hearing satisfaction.

However, you can use both of the headsets either wired or wireless. Besides, the battery life is also nearly similar in both of the headsets.