Razer Tartarus Pro Vs. Orbweaver: [Detailed Comparison]

In the industry of gaming devices, Razer has always added innovations to each of their models. Even at a similar price they have launched two different gaming pads. Which caused the controversy, Razer Tartarus Pro Vs. Orbweaver.

Yes, both of them are of similar price. Which often makes the gamers confused to buy one of them. Despite price similarity there are individual differences between these two devices which makes each of them significant.

In this post we are going to be talking about Razer Tartarus Pro and Orbweaver. The detailed features and functions of both of the gaming pads.

Without taking more time, let’s get into the detailed review.

Comparison Chart – Razer Tartarus Pro Vs. Orbweaver

Here, we have made up a comparison chart picking up 12 points accordingly of Razer Tartarus Pro and Orbweaver. From the chart below you will get a precise and clear idea about both of the devices.

FeaturesRazer Tartarus ProOrbweaver
KeysAnalog Optical keysMechanical Keys
AdjustabilityLess adjustability featureMore adjustability feature
Scroll WheelAttached scroll wheel availableNo scroll wheel available
Programmable Keys32 programmable keys30 programmable keys
PalmrestPadded soft palmrestFlatter palmrest
Thumb PadThere is a joystick cap on the thumb padThere is a hat button on the thumb pad
ColorAvailable in Black and White colorAvailable only in Black color
Anti-GhostingComes with full anti ghosting functionComes with full anti ghosting function
SoftwareNeeds to use Synapse software version 3Needs to use Synapse software version 2
WeightThe weight is 0.8 lbsThe weight is 0.66 lbs
LightingRGB lightingVibrant Green LED light

In-depth discussion – Razer Tartarus Pro Vs. Orbweaver

Razer Tartarus Pro is mainly the updated version of Razer Tartarus V2. Orbweaver came earlier to both of them. Now that you’ve already gathered the main idea of the devices. Here, we are presenting you the in-depth discussion of Razer Tartarus Pro and Orbweaver.


Razer Tartarus Pro has analog optical switches with double actuation functionality. The keys sound clicky and satisfying to most users. You can set up and programme them using the Razer Synapse software.

Razer Orbweavwe have mechanical switches. Under the keycap there are Razer Blue switches. The switches are quiet, light and soft to touch. Switches are louder with key caps because of the echo between the keys.

Besides, it doesn’t push back your finger with a hard force after pressing one key. The actuation force for the keys here is 50gm. Moreover, it allows the fingertips to move quickly and gives a good experience.


Razer Tartarus Pro comes with only one adjustable function. Which is in the palm rest. You can modify the size of the palm rest for longer hands. Just by detaching the palm rest pad and adjusting to a larger size.

Razer Orbweaver has 3 adjustable points. Which are, the Palm Rest adjustment, Thumb Pad adjustment and the Wrist Rest adjustment.

The Palm Rest is designed to adjust by central, forward and backward adjustment. The Thumb Pad module is adjustable by pushing in and out. The down liver is adjustable to contract or expand the whole body.

These cool features of Razer Orbweaver makes the device fantastic and user friendly.

The drawback here is, the Thumb Pad built quality is not so good. It often wiggles.

Scroll Wheel

Both of the devices have a curvy body shape. There are key rows on Razer Tartarus Pro along with a scroll wheel attached in the last row.

There is no scroll wheel attached in Razer Orbweaver.

Programmable Keys

Pro has 32 programmable keys. It gives a different dimension to the gaming experience. The Orbweaver has 30 programmable keys.


The Palm Rest of the Pro one’s is more padded and soft. Where, Orbweaver has a flatter Palm Rest. Still, the surface is smooth and usable.

Thumb Pad

The D-Pad of both of the devices is 8 directional.

Razer Tartarus Pro has a joystick cap on the thumb pad. It is removable. The joystick cap assists in operating the directions smoothly. The Orbweaver has a Hat Button on the thumb pad. There is a space bar situated below the thumb pad. It is more mousy and sounds clicky.


Pro is available in Black and White color. Both of the colors make the device look classy and attractive. Orbweaver is only available in Black color.


Both of the devices come with a Full Anti-Ghosting system. It means simultaneous key presses will not make any unintended action to occur.


Razer Tartarus Pro is operated by Razer Synapse 3 software. It is the latest version of Razer Synapse software. Most of the latest models of Razer devices are used and customized by this software.

The biggest drawback of Razer Orbweaver is, you can use the updated version of Synapse software in this device. Razer Synapse 2 is used to use this gaming pad.


The weight of the Pro is 0.8 lbs. On the other hand, Orbweaver weighs only 0.66 lbs. making it lighter than Pro. As a result, you can play for an extended period with Orbweaver without any strain.


Razer Tartarus Pro uses RGB lighting. You can use your desired color configuration with the Razer Synapse software. Razer Orbweaver uses vibrant green LED light.


In terms of cost, there is no clear winner since both of the devices are of equal price. If you think you can get a lot of use out of a gaming keypad, buying any of the devices will be worth it.

Razer Tartarus Pro Vs. Orbweaver – Which one to choose?

Although, Razer Orbweaver is not available in the market right now. Finding one can be difficult for you. But, you can buy a used one.

Choosing between Razer Tartarus Pro and Orbweaver totally depends on you. Keeping the features in mind stated above. You can decide which one to buy.

Additional Informations: Users often find it difficult to use the dual actuation function in Razer Tartarus Pro. As it requires a little practice and you need to train up your muscle memory for this one. This gaming pad is more beneficial for MMO high profile games.

In the Orbweaver you will get a 2.0 plug 6′ long USB cable connector. This device has a rubber pad bottom. It makes the grip stronger and doesn’t let your gaming pad move around while using.

Both of the devices have zero flex and good build quality.


Is the Tartarus Pro mechanical?

No. Tartarus Pro is Analog Optical. If you are looking for a mechanical option you can go for Orbweaver.

What is Razer Orbweaver used for?

Razer Orbweaver is a gaming pad. It is mainly used for gaming as a substitute for traditional keyboards. Besides, it can be used for other things like video editing.

Which Razer keypad is best?

Razer Orbweaver gaming keypad is best according to the average of user reviews. This gaming pad comes along with needed features, serves the purpose and most importantly at a very reasonable price.

Does Razer Tartarus work on PS4?

No. Razer Tartarus is not really suitable for PS4. But, it may work if you do the settings done like PC game settings in the control tab.

Does the Razer Tartarus work on Xbox one?

Yes. Razer Tartarus greatly works on Xbox one.

Final Words

Whichever you choose between these two gaming pads, choosing one is necessary if you want to get a better experience. Because, traditional keyboards are losing the competition in the gaming world day by day.

We have come across the detailed review of Razer Tartarus pro Vs.Orbweaver. For an old fashioned matte black choice, go for Orbweaver. It is perfectly suitable for PC gaming. You can trustably use this one for a long time on your PC.

But, if you want a more updated and classy gaming pad, go for the Pro. This one is more suitable for Consoles.